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Wallet is Synced but Staking is not Active

If you wallet is synced, but staking isn't active (the arrow in the bottom right corner isn't green), please go through the following. If the arrow is green, please just be patient. 

The number one issue tends to be that your coins are not mature. Waiting for your coins to mature can take up to two hours.  

If your coins are mature and staking is not active, try the getstakingstatus command:  

Navigate to "Tools" and then click  "Debug Console." 

Then input the command getstakingstatus

For a CLI wallet, enter pivx-cli getstakingstatus

You should see an output similar to this:

    "validtime" : true,

    "haveconnections" : true,

    "walletunlocked" : true,

    "mintablecoins" : true,

    "enoughcoins" : true,

    "mnsync" : true,

    "staking status" : true

If any of these items are "false," it will give you a better idea of what the issue is.

If the above is all "true," try shutting down your wallet, wait one minute, restart your wallet, wait 5 minutes and then unlock.